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Tips to how to select the right Led strip light Perth

LEDs are the way to go when it comes to home lighting options. These energy-efficient lights use up to 90 percent less power than traditional bulbs, so you can save on your electric bill and the environmental impact of manufacturing a new bulb every time one burns out. You’ll also never have to worry about replacing a burnt-out LED light; many last for 50,000 hours or more! As if that weren’t enough reason to make the switch, Led strip light Perth come in all shapes and sizes—including flexible strips that can be install in any space or design scheme.

Determine the length of LED light strip to purchase.

One of the main factors you need to consider when purchasing LED strip lights is the length of the light strip. The length of your LED strips will depend on how large a space you want to cover and how much money you want to spend. If this is your first time buying an LED strip, it’s a good idea to start with something small until you’re familiar with how they work, then graduate up in size afterwards.

There are many different types of spaces where different lengths could be use:

  • An accent light under cabinets (36 inches)
  • A dimmable task light over dining room table (72 inches)
  • Lighting behind glass shelves or artwork (144 inches)

Select a color temperature.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), which measures how much blue or yellow a light source has. Light with lower color temperatures (2700K-3500K) are warm and higher color temperatures (4000K-5000K) are cool. White light has all colors, but when you use an LED strip light with a specific Kelvin rating, it will produce that specific shade of white to best fit your needs.
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Choose between RGB and single-color LED strips.

You’ll first decide whether to go with RGB (red, green, and blue) or single-color LED strips. RGB strips are more expensive than their single-color counterparts because of the extra LEDs required for each color. However, these lights can be controlled using an app on your phone or tablet and have a wider range of applications from mood lighting to accent lighting that require different colors throughout the day. If you’re not sure how this works but want more control over how your light looks, it’s worth considering an RGB strip light system.

Consider the type of SMD LED light strip to install.

SMD LED strip lights are the most common type of LED strip light. They are available in various colors, including RGB, warm white and cool white. SMD LED strip lights also come in a variety of lengths: 2m or 5m. You can choose the best SMD LED strip light for your project depending on what you need it for and how much money you want to spend on it.

Purchase the right power supply and dimmer if you need one.

If you plan to dim your LED strip lights, you must purchase a power supply and dimmer together. A typical LED strip light will come with a 12V power supply and be pair with an AC-to-DC converter. The DC voltage from the converter can then be fed into a dimmer to adjust the brightness level of your lights. There are two types of drivers available: non-dimmable drivers and dual-channel drivers. Non-dimmable drivers allow for manual control of brightness levels by adjusting their resistance values. In contrast, dual-channel drivers provide automatic adjustment as need based on user settings or lighting conditions (such as daylight).

You can find the perfect lighting for your space with these tips

The first step in selecting the right Led strip Perth is considering the length of LED strip you need. The most common size is 2m, which can be cut into shorter lengths. If you’re looking for something longer, check out our 5m option or contact us if you have a custom request!

Then, select your color temperature:

  • Warm white LEDs give off yellow-orange light that mimics natural sunlight during daylight hours. This color temperature is ideal for rooms with many windows or open floor plans where you want the space to feel bright and welcoming.
  • Cool white LEDs offer more blue hues than warm white lights, making them better at illuminating dimly-lit spaces such as closets and hallways without harsh fluorescent bulbs overhead.


If you want to install the strip light in a bathroom or kitchen, selecting an IP-rated strip light is better. The IP rating of a strip light represents how waterproof it is. The higher the number on the IP rating scale, the more waterproof it will be. For instance, an IP65 rated strip light can be installed in areas with no direct splashes of water or dust but may be subject to some splashing from time to time. It also has good resistance against low pressure jets from cleaning devices like car washers and fire hoses.

The flexibility of the strip lights

Flexible LED strip lights are easy to install, since they can be cut to fit any space and bent around corners. It makes them ideal for under-counter backlighting in your kitchen or recessed lighting in your bathroom. They can also be use as accent lighting in various applications, such as highlighting architectural features or adding an eye-catching element to an industrial design.

Application of the strip light

  • Decorative lighting
  • Aquarium lighting
  • Grow lights
  • Cabinet lighting, kitchen cabinets, kitchen countertops and under kitchen cabinets.

The brightness of the strip light

When selecting the right LED strip light, one of the first things you will want to consider is the brightness of the strip light. How much light do you need? How many watts does your application require? The brightness of LED lights can vary greatly depending on several factors: the length of each individual LED chip and its intensity, for example; or whether or not there are gaps between each chip where light can escape. The number of LEDs that make up a given area also affect how bright it appears from afar (though this is only true if there are no gaps between adjacent LEDs).

The color temperature of the strip light

The color temperature of the strip light is measure in Kelvins, with lower temperatures indicating a bluish tinge and higher temperatures indicating a reddish tinge. The most common type of LED strip light has a color temperature of 3000K to 4000K, which gives off a warm white (or golden) glow similar to incandescent lighting. However, if you want something closer to daylight or fluorescent lighting, you may prefer choosing from lights with higher color temperatures such as 6000K or 10000K.


We hope these tips have been helpful in your search for the perfect RGB strip light Perth. Whether you’re looking for a solution that will add a splash of color, or if you want to highlight specific areas in your home with the right lighting, these tips should help get you started.

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