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What Are The Sizes Of Enclosed Trailers Available in Australia?

When looking for an enclosed trailer, it’s important to understand the available trailer sizes. That way, you can be sure that your cargo will fit into the correct size trailer for your needs. Here are some standard sizes of enclosed trailers in Australia:

Shipping container trailers

Shipping containers are a popular choice for shipping goods overseas. They’re usually used as self-contained units with a frame and a door at each end. They can be moved by truck, rail or ship. Because of their unique qualities, these containers can also be converted into enclosed trailers in Australia.

These trailers are typically called “cage trailers” because the cargo is protected from the weather by steel bars on all sides except the front—like a cage enclosing an animal or bird that needs protection from predators! Cage trailers are built using either single or tandem axles (the latter being larger). Their sizes range from 2.5 meters long right up to 3 meters long; however, smaller versions exist too if you’re looking for something more compact:

Cage trailers

Cage trailers are a type of enclosed trailers used to transport livestock. They are usually used to transport sheep, cattle and goats. Cage trailers have a cage on the trailer, which animals can be loaded into (usually from ramps on either side) and then locked with gates at both ends of the cage. The most common cage type is an open-sided one, but there are also fully enclosed types available for some larger animals, such as horses or buffalo.

In Australia, there is no standard size for animal cages; this depends on what you want to carry and where you want it transported (i.e., whether your vehicle will fit through tighter spaces). There are also different sizes between states because other states have different animal regulations – for example, Western Australia has stricter rules when transporting dogs than New South Wales does!

Tandem axle-enclosed trailers

Tandem axle-enclosed trailers are the most common type of trailer in Australia. They can be used for transporting livestock or cargo and have a weight capacity of up to 8 tones. Tandem axle trailers are often used in mining and construction, as they are incredibly versatile and can be used as flatbed or ramped containers.

Single axle enclosed trailer

Single-axle enclosed trailers are the most common type of trailer in Australia. They’re a good option for small loads and can be used for various purposes, such as moving household goods or transporting cars.Single axle enclosed trailers are available in various sizes, with capacities ranging from 2 to 7 tones. As well as the weight rating (measured in tones), each camper has its maximum width and length measurements that determine what vehicles it can fit into, where it can go, and how long it takes to transport.

The cost of single-axle enclosed trailer varies depending on size, brand, condition or warranty status, but you’ll usually find them at prices between $1000-$3000 new. A second-hand one may cost less than half this amount if it’s still structurally sound (even if slightly rusty).

2.5 Metre enclosed trailer

The smallest enclosed trailer size is a 2.5-metre trailer. The 2.5-metre trailer is explicitly designed for short distances and small loads, not long-distance transport. It can be towed by most cars, but due to the weight of the load, it is recommended that you use a vehicle with a towbar fitted and power towing mirrors, if possible, as this will make your trip much easier on both you and your vehicle.

3-metre enclosed trailer

3-meter enclosed trailer has a load capacity of 1.5 tones. This is ideal for transporting cars and other small vehicles, and the 3-metre enclosed trailer is used by car dealerships, car rental companies and other businesses that transport cars.The height measurement refers to how high the ceiling of the enclosed trailer is, so if you’re transporting something significant like a boat or motorbike, it’s worth checking how tall your cargo will be before buying one of these trailers.

An understanding of the different sizes of enclosed trailers for sale

An enclosed trailer is a vehicle that can be used to haul cargo, such as the kind you might find in a moving truck. It differs from an open-top trailer in that it has a roof over the cargo, which prevents damage to goods being hauled and also protects them from weather conditions such as rain or snow. The larger sizes of enclosed trailers for sale are more common than smaller ones because they’re more versatile—they can handle heavier loads without causing problems for your vehicle or yourself.

However, these larger sizes mean that they have lower fuel efficiency than their smaller counterparts. The most common size of enclosed trailers is 16 feet long by 7 feet wide by 6 feet tall (4.9 meters long by 2 meters wide by 1.8 meters tall). They’re available with two axle types: single rear axle (SR) or tandem rear axle (TA).

In general, both models will require less maintenance than TTs due to their simpler design, but if you don’t mind spending extra money every once in a while, then go ahead and get a TT!


With so many options for different sizes of trailers available, it’s essential to know what you’re looking for when buying an enclosed trailer. If you’re starting the business and don’t have much capital to invest, then a 2.5-metre or 3-metre trailer would be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you need something more extensive, like a tandem axle or shipping container, these are also available at competitive prices with free delivery Australia-wide!

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